Software Development

We develop web platforms that help marketing departments take control of their websites and manage their content to offer a personalized user experience.

Today’s customers demand personalized experiences with rich, relevant content delivered instantly through the digital channels of their choice. In addition to meeting these expectations, we need to master complex technology and deal with limited funds. At Loymark, we help marketers and developers provide compelling multichannel user experiences.

In short, we provide our clients with a modern content editor and page management user interface, dynamic rule-based formulas, and enhanced synchronization through SiteSync, which lets marketers provide valuable, personalized content quickly and easily.

We also create complex, receptive, high-performance, scalable websites using technologies and platforms that let customers take full control of their site and keep their code organized, reusable, and easy to test.

These are definitely platforms created using current programming languages, with designs and software architecture patterns (layered pattern, model-view-controller, etc.), making for smoother, faster-running sites.

We transform the digital experience

We provide technology to develop marketing with key capacities that reduce daily IT dependence by 80%. It also helps developers deliver new sites and experiences rapidly.

Content management

We build attractive digital experiences with intuitive multichannel content management.

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Dynamic tools for personalizing business websites.

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Evoy digital commerce

Increase your revenue with a comprehensive commerce solution and powerful improvements.

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Multichannel management

Multichannel campaign management platform.

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CMS content management

We build attractive digital experiences with intuitive multichannel content management.

Organizations struggle with the new content management era, which includes managing multiple digital channels and reaching the right audience on the right device at the right time. At the same time, customers are demanding meaningful experiences every time they take part in your content, increasing the pressure to create and update content quickly and seamlessly.

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Delivery of multichannel content: quickly and easily

At Loymark we provide a simple, affordable, easy-to-use solution for creating, managing, and delivering content through multiple touchpoints. We give you the tools so that you can easily create new content and send it through devices in a matter of minutes.

Online editing

Create and update content and images effortlessly and on the go.

Drag and drop designs

Easily create new designs by dragging and dropping widgets.

Content personalization

Deliver different content versions to multiple audiences using the parameters of your choice, with centralized multisite and multilingual management. Also, manage multiple sites and microsites from a single spot without worrying about translation.

Formula generator

Create, configure, and publish web formulas using drag and drop tools without programming, and capture formula deliveries directly in your CRM and marketing automation systems.

Quality and governance

Ensure content quality and governance with approval workflows, granular permissions, and version history.

Digital asset management

Manage digital videos and images from a central location and share them on pages and sites around the world.

SEO tools

Integrated SEO tools improve content visibility in search engine results.


We offer our clients tools for identifying and interacting effectively with valuable customer segments.

Predict and shape individual contents. The abundance of customer data generated online presents a great opportunity for companies to increase engagement, strengthen loyalty, convert potential customers, and generate revenue. Many companies, however, face technological limitations that make it difficult to consolidate this data, convert it into processable information, and use it for developing multichannel communication strategies.

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Personalization for influencing the journey where it counts:

At Loymark we help our clients consolidate data and extract processable information on their high-value segments, digital behavior, and point of sale interactions. We also identify key touchpoints and influence the purchase process through personalization:

Custom messages

We design messages for key audiences and measure the impact on website interaction and conversion indicators.

Building objective segments

We consolidate the data from multiple sources to quickly build target segments for use in marketing initiatives such as web content, social media campaigns, email campaigns, and push notifications.

Data leveraging

We take advantage of APIs and integrated connectors to consolidate demographic and behavioral data for anonymous and known audiences of multiple systems, such as CRM, Analytics, Cortteza, Propremios, and CMS.

Multichannel Management

Our developments let you manage your site from a command center so you’ll be delivering relevant content instantly for true multichannel participation.

Management of multiple digital channels is essential for providing a consistent customer experience in any channel they choose. At Loymark we create platforms using Sitefinity to provide a truly next-generation digital experience. Marketers and developers can easily deliver compelling content seamlessly through various multichannel touchpoints driven by cognitive capabilities, with a single interface so your team can manage it easily.

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How does Sitefinity help?

  • You can manage multiple channels from a single command center, easily sharing content, assets, permissions, and resources.
  • You can deliver the content you want, when you want.
  • You can generate and manage personalized content delivered via various touchpoints driven by cognitive capabilities.
  • Interaction and visibility is improved.
  • You can increase customer engagement by providing seamless experiences on the web, mobile devices, email, social media, and more.
  • Loyalty is heightened for greater ROI.
  • Engaged customers are easier to retain, become more loyal, and are more likely to make referrals. All this equals increase revenue for your business.
  • Working with an interface is minimized.
  • You can reduce costs and increase productivity with a central management interface for sharing and reproducing content, assets, permissions, and resources.
  • One interface for managing all sites
  • Sharable and reusable templates
  • Site, page, and template cloning with a single click.
  • Granular permission management for scaling governance.
  • Publication of shared content with a single click.
  • Share assets across sites without copying.
  • Online editing: you can change content on the go without having to shut down the site.
  • Personalize and improve design and content drag more easily.
  • Multisite and multilingual management/li>
  • Digital asset management
  • Logging of versions or workflows
  • Blogs and blog post management
  • Social media integration

Evoy Digital commerce

Increase your revenue with a comprehensive commerce solution and powerful improvements.

At Loymark we know that each transaction is an experience. Customers demand an uninterrupted, personalized, next-level experience, so increase your revenue by offering catalogs, multiple showcases, specific promotions and payment processing, integrating in real-time with inventory, and defining geographical delivery zones and delivery times. With restaurants, you have the possibility of personalizing your products for a better shopping experience. Evoy provides the flexibility you need to give your customers the experience they seek.

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  • Ability platform
  • For retailers
  • Version for the restaurant industry
  • Dedicated teams
  • Programmers
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Inside sales teams
Sitefinity developers
  • Digital experience platform
  • CMS
  • Customer experience personalization
  • Multichannel management
  • Personalization
UI/UX design
  • Web and mobile design
  • Wireframes
  • Experience maps
  • Interaction strategy
  • InVision, Webflow
Mobile development
  • iOs, Android
  • React Native
  • Kinvey
  • Samarino
  • Beacons
Back-end development
  • JavaScript, Node, Express
  • Net/C#, MVC, .Net Core
  • SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server
  • MongoDB, Cassandra


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