Performance Marketing

Cocoon is Loymark’s Performance Marketing division specializing in DIGITAL MARKETING strategies for achieving business objectives. Its primary characteristic is that the strategy, team, and investment are all focused on results, which are measurable and business-oriented (e.g., lead generation, e-commerce site transactions, and incremental sales). With an eye to improving performance indicators, we continuously evaluate and optimize the strategies.

Comprehensive Growth Strategy

We design strategies to generate leads, provide follow-up to make the sale, and then use an after-sale customer relationship strategy to maximize their life-time value.

Marketing Automation

The following is how we define the customers’ journey for automating interaction in the marketing and sales processes, including sales prospecting, customer profiling, lead scoring, and sending emails and personalized communications.
Segment definition

We classify our current customer base and new incoming leads and then define the goal for each segment.

Campaign runs

We automate advertising campaigns according to the behavior of our segments so that the right message is received at the right time in each customer’s specific journey.

Lead classification roadmap

We define a roadmap and potential interaction points for each segment to determine the message for each point and the form of this message.

Marketing and sales data analysis for strategy adjustment

We optimize the roadmaps and automated flows according to business results. This way we can verify which touchpoints are effective and which need adjusting.


Transparent real-time

We measure our strategies in real time for speedy decision-making. This way, we and our clients can both see the campaign performance at the same time.

Certified teams

Our teams of professionals are certified in the technological platforms we use, guaranteeing our clients that we have in-depth knowledge of our business.

Specific and tangible

We start by defining clear, measurable goals for evaluating strategy performance and making decisions to improve results.


We create data repositories to analyze as many variables as possible so that decisions can be based on sound reasoning.



We specialize in measuring and analyzing user behavior on digital platforms from a qualitative and quantitative angle that helps us extract valuable information for decision-making.
We focus on measuring specific events on the digital platforms that let us quantify goals and classify users by behavior into actionable audiences for digital strategies.
Audience Building
We work on creating, integrating, and filtering digital audiences and databases to activate them more efficiently, measurably, and profitably in the different digital strategies.


RFM Analysis
Our strength is creating business goal-oriented strategies where we provide data analysis and compilation considering recency, frequency, and monetary value of users in physical or digital establishments.
Social Listening
Through data mining we obtain qualitative and quantitative data that helps us measure advertising impact, observe trends, monitor competitors, and analyze user emotion by brand or industry.
Growth Hacking
The comprehensive growth strategies we create for startups or small enterprises with limited budgets help them acquire, activate, or retain users using differentiated business-goal-oriented tactics.
Media Planning
We invest time and resources on tools to obtain more information for deciding where, who, when, how, how much, and on which digital platforms to invest, using return on investment as the starting point.
Loyalty Strategy
Our incentive strategies for B2B and B2C business models, final consumers, and sales forces enhance recency, frequency, or monetary value, depending on the strategy proposed on the basis of compiled data.
Inbound Strategy
Our inbound marketing strategies attract qualified traffic to digital platforms. Differentiating and personalizing them translates into efficiency, profitability, and enhanced customer experience.
Marketing Automation Strategy
Our digital marketing strategies help automate processes for new contacts or follow-up on opportunities, using email marketing, SMS, and digital advertising points of contact as a basis.
Customer Journeys
We develop strategies to identify the steps taken by the different clusters when purchasing, comparing, or evaluating different products or services so that we can intercept them effectively and in a personalized manner.
Buyer Persona
Our certified methods identify the ideal targets for the different tactics and strategies - a vital factor for achieving goals in any digital marketing strategy.


We employ on-page and off-page techniques to optimize organic search engine results that trigger better positioning and, therefore, more qualified organic traffic and more associated conversions.
Lead Generation
Our specialty is executing comprehensive strategies that exponentially increase new leads or potential customers in different industries, without overlooking profitability and the end business goal.
We employ differentiated search engine advertisement planning, buying, and optimization tactics to ensure a return on each dollar invested, whether in sales or in lead generation.
We employ app store search engine optimization tactics to obtain better paid and organic positioning - which translates into more downloads.
Influencer Marketing
We employ differentiated execution and measurement strategies on influencers for your niche and audience to achieve a tangible business goal completely outside of vanity metrics.
Affilliate Marketing
We employ our proven affiliate marketing tactics for companies or affiliates to increase sales or generate new potential customers for a particular product or service.
Email Marketing
We execute email marketing workflow automation strategies to generate more effective, personalized, and profitable direct communication with audiences. Deliveries that generate data and filter audiences also generate value.
Display & Programmatic Advertising
We execute programmatic advertising (display or video) planning, buy and optimization strategies in different ecosystems according to needs, business goals, and specific audiences to be intercepted.
Content Marketing
We execute strategies for generating and disseminating content for the different audiences according to their stages in the conversion funnel, achieving more direct and personalized communication at opportune decision-making moments.
Geofencing & Geomarketing
We execute effective, differentiated geolocalized advertising strategies by both region and coordinates, behaviors, radius, or even specific inclusion or exclusion polygons, depending on the different goals.
Video Advertising
We execute strategies for disseminating audiovisual content through effective and transparent advertising buy and optimization following the latest trends and viewability and brand safety guidelines.
Mobile Advertising
Our advertising buy and optimization strategies designed exclusively for mobile devices go hand in hand with the different communication, marketing and sales goals of our business partners.
We apply automation and optimization strategies in the e-commerce catalog ads for sale items to generate enhanced user experience and a higher return for the company.
Local Marketing
We apply techniques and strategies that address local user requests in both search engines and social media, the goal being to increase traffic, potential customers, sales, and even visits to physical points.
Amazon and Marketplace
We employ specialized advertising buy and optimization techniques in the major global e-commerce marketplaces to achieve greater efficiency and higher returns on the money invested.


Custom Dashboards
Our customized reports have connectivity to a real-time data source so there is a continuous and transparent feed to dashboards for making effective, timely decisions.
Report Automation
We can automate all types of reports for you, from digital platform reports (your own or third-party) to financial results reports, as well as the different possible crossreferences with available data sources.
Our strategic data visualization services use storytelling to help speed up your business decision-making. We are adaptable to different data visualization tools.
We offer specific impact measurement of online programmatic advertising compared to the results of offline visits to physical georeferenced points (minimum investment required).
Heatmaps & Recordings
We can create and analyze heatmaps (view, scroll & click) and recordings of user behavior on digital platforms so that you can measure and enhance user experience and interface.
Business Intelligence
We offer a variety of specific services and products that help you employ more and better intelligence in your business, quickly and easily, using transparent real-time data (specific products by industry).
Competitive Intelligence
We offer differentiated products and services with technological tools that help us analyze competitors so that we can follow their actions and compare their results over time.
Marketing & Sales Audit
Our marketing, communication, and sales audits help you qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the results of your different investments in different areas.
A/B Testing
With our strategic A/B testing of digital experiences we can obtain, through continuous experiments, key findings that trigger greater effectiveness and returns.


MVT Testing
With our strategic MVT testing of digital experiences we can obtain, through continuous experiments, key findings that trigger greater effectiveness and returns.
We offer specialized optimization of flows and techniques involved in the shopping funnel to speed up and make experiences more profitable during the entire user experience.
Landing Page Optimization
We offer strategic landing page creation and optimization to improve user experience from ad interaction to achievement of a business goal on the landing page.




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