A robust and flexible loyalty program management platform for shops, restaurants, e-commerce, banks and B2B.

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Easy to manage

A solution that integrates all the tools and reports needed for a successful loyalty program.

POS integration

We integrate with the major POS systems to capture all purchase details and thus learn consumer behavior.

Multi-industry platform

We have versions for retailers, restaurant chains, e-commerce, banks, B2B, and sales force incentives.

Open platform

We integrate with other POS, ERP, e-commerce, and various CRM systems through different APIs.

With our solution you will be able to

Understand your customers and their preferences

The main benefit for your brand will be the ability to take advantage of DATA to fuel the program’s strategy and future improvements. Direct strategies also help you retain customers, influence their purchase frequency and achieve incremental sales through cross-selling.

Improve participant experience via the use of technology

By providing customers a simple, seamless, and convenient mechanism, we give them more reasons to appreciate your value proposition, increasing the use of benefits and using our digital wallet and platform as a vehicle.

Use a multichannel strategy

The loyalty program lets us implement direct communication strategies through multiple channels: email, push notification, wallet, web, point of sale, and telephone.

Focus on gaining preference and recommendation

With a new communication channel you can stay on customers’ radar with your messages, reinforcing positive emotion and positioning for your brand.

Invest more time on strategic rather than operational aspects

The tools we offer will give your marketing people the opportunity to focus on winning the hearts of participants and making use of the data rather than having to concentrate so much on operational and logistical aspects.


Point of sale integration

The platform integrates to the POS through web services to obtain purchase details and identify customers

Digital wallet

One of the app’s options is the use of a wallet for identification at the point of sale and viewing of accumulated points.

Point of sale app

All programs have a website that can be linked to the company’s website, where customers can see their transactions, accumulated points, active promotions (gamification), and surveys.

Program microsite

The platform has an app with a QR identifier code, which replaces the conventional way of using the physical loyalty program card. It also has promotional coupons, a point and redemption history, and the possibility of sending push notifications.

Cortteza data and analytics

The platform has all the necessary reports for managing a loyalty program and the analytics for segmenting and creating multichannel campaigns.

Solutions by industry


Integrated into shopping websites. Customers will automatically get their points.


The most effective way to learn a customer’s behavior in shops and achieve incremental sales. Gift cards and coupons.


Programs for credit and debit cards and other bank services. Incentive cards, gift cards.


An effective way to motivate the sales channel and reward their performance. Gift cards and corporate incentive cards.

Sales incentives

Sales force incentive programs to encourage your sales people - an effective way to see and manage their performance.


Every day is an opportunity to sell to your customers, so the key is to have them identified for achieving recurrent visits. Gift cards and coupons.


Microsoft Azure

Hosted in Microsoft Azure with an SSL certificate and maximum security standards.

Individual permissions

Each back-end user has assigned and restricted permissions in specific application areas.


  • Personalized loyalty program
  • POS integration
  • Point accumulation
  • Point rules setup module
  • Customer management module
  • Gamification activation module
  • User management module
  • Customer service module
  • Program indicator dashboards
  • Point redemption or cashback
  • Program management reports
  • Fraud prevention
  • Analytics and optimization
  • Rule validation
  • External data integration
  • Push notifications
  • Digital wallet
API Features
  • API test interface
  • Unlimited API data upload


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