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Easy to administer

Designed for viewing and keeping your data updated without depending on a technology provider.

POS integration

Lets you personalize and integrate with APIs for other functionalities you might need.

Open platform

We integrate our platform with the POS or ERP for efficient data transfer.


We have platforms for retail, B2B, and restaurants.

Purchase Order Management


Lets you monitor customer purchase orders at any time, providing visibility along the supply process.


You can audit the different steps through which a purchase order passes, from customer payment to order shipping.


You can define the delivery provider for each purchase order, whether internal or external, and view the points from where the order items are leaving.


Real-time display of purchase orders, providing for adequate monitoring and reducing the time for processing, filling and shipping the customer’s order.


Microsoft Azure

Hosted in Microsoft Azure with an SSL certificate and maximum security standards.

Payment methods

Secure integration with card processors for online payment processing.

Individual permissions

Each back-end user has assigned and restricted permissions in specific application areas.

Category and product management

Who has permissions to handle different categories, products, prices, shops, and countries? You can define all this from the permission setup.

Performance marketing


We deliver the platform to you search engine ready, with initial indexing and continuous service for relevance and optimum web performance.

Google Analytics

We integrate Google data with transnational data to make all analysis tools available to you so you can analyze and make the best investment decisions for boosting traffic and site conversions.


We advise you on the best way to implement digital strategies for generating online sales and optimizing your budget.


We determine digital strategies for implementing a wide variety of promotions, discounts, and other sales boosters.

Sitefinity CMS

Experience personalization

Sitefinity CMS enables you to provide the intelligence your site needs to easily manage content for different types of consumers and, based on their behavior, to display different content to boost conversions.

Flexible management

By first creating templates you can then create new pages quickly and securely without sacrificing professional image and without having to depend on a third party, making the process swifter and more economical.

Robust and secure

Sitefinity has been developed according to maximum security standards, meeting international standards to provide you the robustness you need.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner ranks Sitefinity in its Challengers quadrant as a serious and robust solution at a competitive cost.


  • Loyalty program synchronization.
  • Multiple customer delivery addresses.
  • Customer geolocation for delivery.
  • Multiple product configuration options.
  • Products can have various images.
  • There can be N attributes, which would be all product ingredients, and categories.
  • There can be messages between the secondary configuration steps.
  • The e-commerce core can have N categories for assigning products.
  • Attributes can be configured according to business needs.
  • Attributes can have a category that defines the variables of each - for example, multiple- or single-choice.
  • The interface contact form allows for defining a person to help with each type of contact.
  • Different types of taxes can be defined according to each market’s requirements.
  • Multiple programming can be defined for both shops and e-commerce. Start and end dates, times, and days can be defined several times in the core for both shops and e-commerce.
  • The platform has multiple options that can be enabled or disabled according to the required functionality.
  • Security is through user role-based access control.
  • Shops can be defined by type, normal, express, automobile, etc.
  • Different shop coverage areas can be defined by delivery times.



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