Company Vision for Increasing Sales

A CRM application is a powerful tool for converting a customer-centric organization into a space where providing a superior customer experience becomes a true competitive advantage, and where sales force management can be efficient. To attain this, however, there must be a multi-vertical vision of the company and integration of not only the company’s different systems but also all the processes in its different areas.

CRM Implementation and Optimization

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics requires extensive knowledge of the platform and its architecture to develop its possibilities in both integration with current systems and development of modules for improving customer relationship management.

Design and Configuration

At Loymark we work with our clients on designing the processes to be used in the CRM, ensuring a customer-centric philosophy. To this regard, we have ample experience with the critical factors for implementing customer interaction solutions.

Customized Developments

Loymark can develop customized models that integrate with the CRM solution and serve your business specifically, or that integrate with other platforms in your company. Customizations can range from the development of a specific module to simple aesthetic customizations, code changes, process automation, and integrations.

Data Migration

We handle the migration of data from your current platform to the new platform or the uploading of a database.


We integrate the CRM with the ERP and synchronize customer data, products, and orders between the two platforms. This makes it possible to implement data automation later.


Our quality control team is involved in the entire development and implementation process. If any incident occurs within the process, this will help us identify it. The team also works together with the project director to ensure that all proposed requirements are met.


Our CRM team can train CRM users within your company to ensure proper use of the system. Moreover, making the system the core of your customer relationships is the key to its having the impact you want.

Our Method

Marketing Performance, Realized.

Our 3000+ client engagements informed our CATALYST MARKETING FRAMEWORK, an actionable model tying organizational objectives to outcomes. No two organizations or marketing departments are the same. The Catalyst Marketing Framework provides a cohesive structure to align your outcomes to the organization's objectives through STRATEGY, PLANNING, TACTICS, TECHNOLOGY, AND TALENT.

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