case study

Transforming Customer Experience with
E-commerce Innovation

Learn how Grupo Dökka, in partnership with Loymark, revolutionized customer experience by seamlessly integrating the physical and digital environments through an innovative e-commerce platform.

_ Challenge

The main challenge for Grupo Dökka was to achieve a smooth and effective migration from their current system to a new e-commerce platform. This platform needed to facilitate a seamless transition between the physical and digital worlds, providing an integrated and cohesive customer experience. Key aspects of this challenge included designing a dynamic, mobile-optimized website, enhancing data utilization through dynamic dashboards, integrating with marketing automation software like Salesforce, and automating loyalty program rules and email management processes.

_ Strategic Approach and Solution:

Loymark proposed an innovative solution using a flexible, multi-layered architecture designed for efficient integration of various systems. At the core of this solution was the implementation of Progress Sitefinity, a state-of-the-art content management system (CMS), to enrich user experience. Together with their Evoy e-commerce software, they created a comprehensive digital ecosystem that optimized both customer experience and business operations.

_ Results Achieved