case study

Building a Digital Community for Canon Users in Latin America

Discover how Canon developed a digital hub to foster a sense of brand belonging and contribute to the photography culture in Latin America.


Canon has always sought to create individual programs and activities to foster a sense of belonging to the brand and contribute to the culture of photography. However, until now, there was no digital space in Latin America where the Canon user community could access and share content that would make them feel closer to the brand and inspire interaction among them.


_ Strategic Approach and Solution:

We developed [Canon-Creators.com], a digital center for information and interaction for the Canon user community in Latin America. This initiative aimed to generate positive experiences for Canon users by centralizing and expanding the user base, exposing them to a wide range of products and benefits, and demonstrating the advantages of the Canon ecosystem. The platform was built on five pillars: Information, Community, Experience, Inspiration, and Education, providing a comprehensive digital experience that allows users to register, interact, and create/share their own content.

_ Results Achieved