case study

Advancing Patient Programs through Digitalization and Data Integration

Discover how we leveraged digital technologies to transform Abbott´s patient programs, achieving real-time monitoring and personalized patient engagement.


With Abbott we embarked on a transformative development project to enhance the value of their patient program. The challenge was to understand and meet customer requirements, designing and developing efficient solutions with a well-designed user interface, robust functionality, and strong architecture.

_ Strategic Approach and Solution:

Our strategy focused on leveraging technology and development insights to meet these challenges. Key areas of focus included:

  • UX/UI Design: Developing user-friendly interfaces for ease of interaction.
  • Web, App & Platform Development: Creating versatile digital platforms for patient engagement and information.
  • API & Integration Systems: Ensuring seamless integration and functionality across different platforms.
  • CMS Implementation & Content Uploading: Streamlining content management for accurate and timely information dissemination.
  • Quality Control: Maintaining high standards for reliability and effectiveness of the solutions.
  • Maintenance & Support: Providing ongoing support and updates to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the solutions.

_ Results Achieved